The Stagnone Kitespot Birgi Vecchi Marsala


Stagnone Kitesurf Courses Marsala Sicily by Kitesurfer Academy

The Top Kitesurf area: Birgi Vecchi at Lo Stagnone

One of the 3 best kitesurf spots in the world for beginners and freestylers, and certainly the best in Europe.

The Kitesurf spot is also called “Kitesurf Gym” and is definitely the place in the world where you can practice kitesurf safely and constantly. 100% safe!

The deepest point of the lagoon is max. 160 cm deep.

LO STAGNONE means LAGOON; in this case a salt lagoon…. In Birgi Vecchi  at the  Stagnone you will find the best Kitespot on the Stagnone. A large natural salt lagoon, which besides constant wind also offers the best conditions for beginners and freestylers ktiesurfer.

Are you a wave Kitesurfer? Simply kitesurf from the lagoon, glide onto the open sea and you will find many waves!

The salt lagoon is also a fascinating and wonderful place for kitesurfing. You can either stay close to the main spot (Birgi Vecchi) or take long gliding tours along the lagoon and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

The Wind at the Stagnone Kitespot

The wind comes mainly from three directions: North, Northwest or South.
The north wind can be very strong, but usually blows at 12 to 18 knots. The morning north wind is reinforced in summer afternoons by the thermals, which guarantee good conditions for kitesurfing from 12.00 to 18.00 hours. For kites, a size of 7 to 12 square meters are usually sufficient.

On days when there is little wind, there is always enough wind of 9/13 knots due to the thermal, and you can kitesurf with kites from 13 to 16 square meters. Be assured that you can kite every day.

For more information visit: BESTKITESPOTS.COM

There are several ways to reach The Stagnone Birgi Vecchi Marsala.

  • International flights: Birgi-Trapani Airport (5 km from the Kite Spot), Palermo Airport (90 km from the Kite Spot and Catania Airport (314 km from the Kite Spot). Find your flight at: or
  • By ship and car (your car) to Palermo:, embarkation in Livorno and Salerno. embarkation in Naples. Embarkation in Genoa, Civitavecchia or Naples:
  • By car: It is a long journey, but with several stops you can plan a trip with nice sightseeing tours.

These are the wind conditions at the Stagnone kitespot:

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