Kitesurf School at the Stagnone Kitesurf Spot


Welcome To Kitesurfer Academy


The Best Way to Learn Kitesurf, in the best position at the Stagnone in Marsala-Sicily

Learn Kitesurf at the Stagnone Kitespot Yes, you can !

This is Eva’s first glide with the kiteboard. She did our basic Kitesurf Course at the Stagnone Marsala and she is one of the students that our Kitesurf School taught kitesurfing to. We show her case because of her tiny body size and her very light weight: It was not easy to get her to kitesurf. We did it! And so did she! Now she is a kitesurf junkie.

First, a disclaimer :
Beware of kitesurf schools, at the Stagnone, where you have to pay for everything; may those kitesurf school are not very reliable, and you cannot cancel if you do not like what is really offered. With our Kitesurf School, you can leave the course whenever you want, and you only have to pay for the kitesurf lessons you really took (which is rare). For booking a kitesurf-course at the Kitsurfer Academy you only have to pay a small deposit (corresponding to the first two Kitesurf Course hours, and if you leave us after the first hour, you will get the money back for the unused Kitesurf Course hours).


Kitesurfer Academy – We take care of you

Since the Kitesurf School opening, 2010, our Kitesurf School teach Kitesurf and there has not been a single accident with our Kitesurf-Students: The first point is… WE TAKE CARE OF YOU 

X-Files – Unsolved Cases (elsewhere): Our kitesurf instructors are specialized in dealing with „difficult“ students who have not been able to learn kitesurfing in other kitesurf schools or spots.

First…. We will take care of you and that means our Kitesurf School teach Kitesurf only by the safest way: No Kitesurf lessons in stormy winds, no Kitesurf lessons in gusty winds or conditions that could lead to an kitesurf accident. A progressive achievement of kitesurfing goals that guarantee our kitesurf students to become safer and to practice kitesurf without risk.

STAGNONE KITESURF SCHOOL by Kitesurfer Academy – A Kitesurf School where to learn and practice this fantastic sport under conditions of maximum safety. Kitesurf is a very technical sport that is not based on physical strength. It does not require any special skills or physical strength. Kitesurfing is suitable for training from the age of 12.

STAGNONE KITESURF SCHOOL by Kitesurfer Academy – Our Kitesurf School is particularly qualified in teaching Kitesurf to children starting from 8 years.

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