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Learn Kiteboarding on the Stagnone was never so easy !

Kitesurfer Academy: Our basic course for kitesurf

For whom? For those who want to learn and practice the fantastic sport of Kitesurf or Kiteboarding under conditions of maximum safety. Kitesurf is a very technical sport that is not based on physical strength. It does not require any special skills or physical strength. Suitable for training from the age of 12.

Kitespot: At our kitesurf school at the Stagnone in particular in the best position: Birgi Vecchi


  • 360,00 euro Privat Kiteboarding Lessons (1 Student and 1 Instruktor) (70 € each extra lesson)
  • 300,00 euro Semiprivat Kiteboarding Lessons (2 Students and 1 Instruktor) (60 € each extra lesson)

Kitesurf Course duration: 6 hours Kitesurf Lessons

English-speaking teachers in the kitesurf course

The basic kitesurf course: we teach kitesurf by objectives. When the student has reached the given goal, he or she is taught to reach the next kitesurf goal.

Kitesurf Goals that should be reached with the basic course course at the Kitesurfer Academy:

  • How to set up a kitesurf, what and how to use the necessary equipment.
  • Basic theory about kiteboarding and how it reacts the Kite under all circumstances.
  • You will learn how to operate and test all safety Kitesurf systems.
  • Ashore: Learning to steer a „trainer kite“ (as training). Launching, landing, holding different positions and guiding the kite on our wind-window.  Simulate kiteboarding on the ground.
  • On the water: with a real power kite: You learn how to launch the kite, glide, land, hold different positions and walk around in the water with the kite. You’ll simulate Kiteboarding by a 90 degree crosswind course (Beam Reach) in the water, without a board.
  • Securely tied to the Kitsurf instructor: You steer the kite under extreme conditions to learn how to keep it under control at all times.
  • Once the student has attained the right self-confidence and implemented the above Kitesurf lessons goals well, the process continues:
  • On the water without board: learning the kiteboarding water start, starting from the water (everything that was done before is necessary to reach this goal).
  • On the water with the board: You learn the kiteboarding waterstart and glide with the board.
  • Kitesurf Start, glide and hold course (Beam Reach) and back to the starting point. (Now a lot of practice is required before you can reach the next kitesurf goal).
  • Learn to kitesurf windward. Learn to reach targets in headwind and return with tailwind.

A perfect and sophisticated kitesurf teaching method: Its vast experience has led the Kitesurfer Academy to a very proven kitesurf teaching method based on solving any problem students may encounter.

Kitesurf Course duration: 6 hours (70 € each extra lesson)

X-Files – Unsolved Cases (elsewhere): Our kitesurf instructors are specialized in dealing with „difficult“ students who have not been able to learn kitesurfing in other kitesurf schools or spots.

Additional articles recommended are: Sunglasses with high sun protection factor, light jacket ? or T-shirts, shorts and drinking water.
You have to be able to swim, but in Stagnone the water is so shallow that one life jacket is enough!

Info request Matteo Lizzio Cell. & WhatsApp:.+39 389 206 27 09 09

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