• Be part of the “Kitesurfer Academy “ international circuit
  • Being present in Google communication/advertising throughout Europe
  • Being present on the website
  • Being represented in European Exhibitions of nautical , sports and popular Sector
  • The right to use the logo (Brand ) of “Kitesurfer Academy”
  • Benefits coming from our communications and representation budget
  • A standard packaging of advertising and communication (logo, flags, banners , etc. etc.. )
  • Obtain special prices to supply kite and kite-accessories
  • Get special pricing on promotional material  (you pay  what we pay)
  • Having the possibility to sell kites and kite-accessories
  • Become the reference for Resort, Hotel , etc. etc.
  • Selling merchandise
  • Have a shared, unique technical teaching program.

Entry Cost :

  • Please send us an email and ask … we will make you the best offer we can.


  • Minimum 1 years Membership
  • Respect the teaching program/levels and the directives of the central office.
  • Promote the employment of “ Kitesurfer Academy’s” certified Instructors.
  • Display advertising material send from the central office.

Requirements for membership :

  • Be an instructor qualified by “Kisurfer Academy” or other International organizations.
  • Have a suitable location for a kite school

Package advertising and gadgets that comes with the membership :

  • 2 custom banner 2m x 1m – 1 personalized banner 3m x 1m
  • 2 flying drop banner 225 cm (also other forms and sizes)
  • 200 badges for course 1°, 2° and 3°  level (Certificate of attendance)
  • 5000 tri fold Cards 10 x 20 (closed) customized
  • 5000 business cards 5.5 x 9.5 customized
  • Personal page of your kite school on the main website
  • Custom advertising on google custom (spot responsive )
  • Inclusion in all the advertising sponsored by the Academy Kitesurfer
  • 2 Kitesurfer Academy T-Shirts “Instructor “

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