We ♥ to Kitesurf
We ♥ to Teach Kitesurfing
Carefully chosen instructors, the best equipment (NORTH), a structure with all the services are the basis of our and your success.
In an Super Kite Station where you will get the best Service
On The best Position of the Lagoon, on a 6600 mq ground , 3000 mq parking, North Kite Equipment, Private Lagoon Entry, American Bar, Restaurant, Toilets, Hot shower, beach umbrellas, American Bar, Restaurant, beach beds and chaise longue ecc. ecc
On the Best Beginner Kitespot in Europe
One of the best spots of the World for Beginner and Freestyler and certainly the best of Europe. 100% natural hazards free !!! A Very large Salt Lagoon protected By an Island from the main Sea.
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Taste the onSpot Restaurant

Find out all delicious food and drinks taken from the Italian and International Kitchen !

The Best BBQ
at the Stagnone

Two times a week be part of the best BBQ Party on the Stagnone

1000 Trips for rare No Wind Day
Sicily has so many sites to visit all around the Kitespot. So, in the rare case of No Wind, we organize amazing trips.

Welcome To Kitesurfer Academy

We di it !
This is the Eva’s first Run.She’s one of the students that we taught to do Kitesurf. We show her case, because of her small size and her low weight: It is not easy to bring her to Kitesurfing. We di it !.. and she too! Now she’s a great Kitesurfer and have a lot fun by kiteboarding.

Kitesurfer Academy: Our  Basic Kitesurf Course

First, a disclaimer :
Beware of the schools where you have to for pay all; they are maybe not to reliable and you can not leave if you don’t like what will be offfered for real.  By us, you can exit the course when you want and you have to pay the only the hours you’ve really used (this is rare).  For book at Kitsurfer Academy a course you have to downpay just a little part (corresponding to the first two hours and if you want leave us after the first hour you get back the money of not used hours) 

For Who ? It’s a very technical sport, not  based on physical force. Does not require special skills or physicality. Suitable to be practiced by the age of 12 and above.


Accidents from 2010 occurred to us students: 0 –> The first point is… WE TAKE CARE OF YOU….The recipe is: No lesson in storm-wind, No lesson in too gusty wind or in condition that can lead to an accident. A progressive reaching of goals that grant the student to become more and more confident on Kitesurfing without hazards.

The Basic Course:…..  We teach by goals. When the student achieve the assignet goal he will be teached to reach the next goal.

Goals to achieve at the Basic Kitesurfung Course at the Kitesurfer Academy:

  • How gear up a powerkite and what and how to use al the stuff that is needed.
  • Basic theory about the powerkite and how he react in all the circumstances.
  • Lear to use and try all safety system.
  • On shore: learning to steer a training kite.Starting, landing, hold various position and walk around with him. Simulating the real kitesurfing on water.
  • On the water: with a real PowerKite: learning to steer, kite.Starting, landing, hold various position and walk around with him. Simulating the real beam wind boarding (90 grades to the wind) on water without the board.
  • Assured (tight) and linked to the instructor: try to steer the Kite in extreme conditions to learn to held the kite always under control.
  • Once the student reached the right confidence with the goals above we go on:
  • On water without the board: learn the Waterstart (all what done before is necessary to achieve this goal)
  • On water with the board: learn the Waterstart and come to your first Run
  • Start, come to glide and hold a course (Starboard Tack, Beam Reach) and come back (Port Tack,Beam Reach) to the start point. (a lot exercise is neede now to ready to the next goal)
  • Learn Up wind course (Close-Hauled). Learn to go upwind and down wind (Stern Wind)

A custom refined and perfect teaching Method:    A large experience has brought the Academy to a very refined teaching method based in knowing how to overcome every problem the student may encounter.

Duration of the course:  10 hours: 8 of Course and 2 hours of Kitesurfing exercising .

X-Files – The Unresolved cases (elsewhere):   We have instructors who are specialized in treating students that elsewhere, in other Kitesurf Schools or Kitespot, have failed to learn Kitesurfing.

Additional items recommended for the lessons are:  Sunglasses, high factor sunscreen, rash vest or
T-shirt, Shorts and drinking water.

You must be a Swimmer but in the Stagnone the water is so shallow that a life jacket is quit enough !!!

Call for info: General Manager:
Matteo Lizzio Cell. & What’s Up .+39 389.206.27.09